Yo San University
The University offers classes and degrees in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including medical qigong, tai chi, herbal medicine, tui-na, and nutrition. They also operate a community clinic.

College of Tao (COT)
COT offers courses, programs and retreats related to the Integral Way Taoist Tradition as transmitted by the Ni Family.  

Tao of Wellness
An integrated health, well-being and longevity center that views each patient as an individual whose well being is affected by lifestyle, including diet, emotions, attitude and environment.

The Wellness Living Store
This store is part of a larger community dedicated to education and wellness, including Yo San University and the College of Tao. It features health and herbal products and educational programs.

The Integral Way
Revealing the natural spiritual truth that resides within all of us their mission is to assist people to attain a complete and healthy body, mind and spirit.

Sisters of the Integral Way
An informal network of women who support the re-emergence and spiritual leadership of feminine virtue, as guided by the teachings and practices of the Way.

Chi Health Institute (CHI)
CHI is a non-profit association that is dedicated to promoting health through the Taoist movement arts transmitted by the Ni Family. 

Ed Sullivan, M.A. Certified InfiniChi Qigong Practitioner & Teacher

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