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People often find themselves living and behaving in patterns that create stress, stagnation, and disease. Improper thoughts, foods, or actions can create a wide range of symptoms. The physical and energetic medicine of acupuncture and Chinese herbs has provided the way to overcome these challenges for thousands of years. Medical energy healing in the Ni family tradition is called InfiniChi® and has been studied for 5,000 years in China. It serves as the energetic foundation for all modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“I really love this. I could feel the energy vibrating and moving up and down my body.”

Astonishing. So subtle. I released tears and grief I didn’t know were still there.”

In Chinese medicine, the power of the body’s healing systems is accessed by a transfer of energy. This is often done with an acupuncture needle, a food, or an herb. InfiniChi is the Ni family practice of medical energy healing that focuses solely on the transfer of energy without the use of a physical medium. It is a non-touch therapy where a practitioner reads and manipulates the internal and external energies of a patient to bring about healing and balance. Areas of weakness are strengthened and areas too excessive are gently purged. This is done by reception and emission of qi (energy) from the practitioner’s hands.

Chi, or energy, is the source of the universe and all life. It is also the root of a healthy human life which contains the natural power of healing. This includes mental and spiritual cleansing, protection, and the ability to access the inner potential to reshape our personal destiny. The InfiniChi energy healing program, directly transmitted through the Ni family heritage, teaches us how to cultivate and gather the Cosmic chi for healing. The Infinichi Energy Healing uses a progressive, systematic approach that enables students to first experience their own chi and that of others, and then to further develop and emit this chi to heal both themselves and other people.

InfiniChi works especially well for the following:

  • Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia
  • Depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia
  • Headaches, tremors
  • Upset stomach, indigestions, irritable bowel syndrome
  • Pre-menstrual disorder, moodiness, cramps

“A lovely experience. I felt lifted in every way.”

First, a consultation will inform the InfiniChi practitioner of the treatment focus. Then, either lying down or sitting, the patient is instructed to breathe calmly and relax. The practitioner takes an initial reading of energies in order to assess areas of imbalance. From this point, a host of qi manipulation techniques are performed as the practitioner’s hands move around the patient while making the necessary energetic adjustments. There may also be the use of light massage, acupressure, or guided visualization to further direct the flow of energy. The patient may experience deep relaxation, temperature changes, numbness, tingling, light-headedness, emotions, or body movement. It’s also normal to experience no physical sensation during the treatment. The InfiniChi practitioner customizes the 30-minute session and the treatment frequency to meet the unique needs of the patient.

“This was a soothing, relaxing experience. I could feel the flow of energy in my arms, legs, and stomach. I saw bright light several times, something I’ve never experienced before.”

The real power of InfiniChi comes from two places: a trusting patient-doctor relationship and the intuition and training of the practitioner. A skilled therapist’s intentions will be aligned with the patient’s. Together they will literally think, feel, and relax their way to meeting a healing objective. What makes InfiniChi unique is the sole focus on this more subtle energy, allowing a very special experience to take place.

“Very calming and nurturing. I felt like I was floating.”

InfiniChi Energy Healing Institute
The InfiniChi Energy Healing Institute offers professional level training in chi healing (Qigong), leading to certification as a Certified InfiniChi Practitioner (C.I.P.)  This program is designed to develop your energetic healing abilities as a professional Chi Practitioner, utilizing the Ni family books, along with standard texts for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Chinese Bodywork. It features a progressive systematic program that nurtures understanding, facilitates skill development, and promotes self-growth.

-To train students to become competent chi therapists and teachers who can effectively and ethically provide health care through the practice of Chi Healing Therapies.
-To guide students into building financially self-sufficient professional practices.
-To promote the teachings of the Integral Way (Tao) and spiritual self-cultivation as a way of life personally and professionally.

Taoist Tradition
Long ago, Chinese esoteric Taoists went to the high mountains to contemplate nature, strengthen their bodies, empower their minds and develop their spirit. From their studies and cultivation, they gave China internal alchemy and chemistry, herbology and acupuncture, the I-Ching (Book of Changes), Feng Shui, Astrology, Martial Arts and Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and many other useful kinds of knowledge. Most important, they handed down in secrecy methods for attaining longevity and spiritual immortality.

Hua Ching Ni, a.k.a. Om Ni
Om Ni was raised in a family tradition of healing and spirituality and was chosen as a youth to study with Taoists in the high mountains of China. After thirty-one years, he accepted the responsibility of continuing a spiritual tradition transmitted through an unbroken succession of seventy-four generations of masters dating back to the Han dynasty, and was fully acknowledged and empowered as a Master of all aspects of Taoist science and metaphysics. His practice of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and herbology spans over five decades in Taiwan and the U.S. Master Ni has written over forty-five books in English and lectured worldwide on Chinese philosophy, traditional healing, Tai Chi Chuan, the I-Ching, meditation and related subjects. 

The College of Tao was founded in 1976 by Master Hua-Ching Ni in Los Angeles, California. Then, as now, its mission was to preserve and to promulgate the essential teachings of the traditions of Taoism in China, as transmitted by Hua-Ching Ni to the western world as the Integral Way of Life.

The InfiniChi Program
In order to fulfill Master Ni’s vision of training a new generation of Chi Healers to cleanse the world of poor health, unhappiness and spiritual devolution, InfiniChi Energy Institute was founded as an affiliate institute of the College of Tao. It will offer professional level training in chi healing leading to certification as a Certified InfiniChi Therapist (C.I.T.). This program is designed to develop your energetic healing abilities as professional Chi Therapist utilizing the teachings of the Integral Way and the Advanced Traditional Practices as a foundation. Additionally, other classical Chinese healing methods and training will be taught. This program is designed for bright and highly self-motivated individuals able to meet the challenges of becoming a Chi Healer. It features a progressive systematic program that nurtures understanding, facilitates skill development, and promotes self-growth. The residential intensives are designed to allow for students to experience the energy. Emphasis will be on practical “hands on” experience developing a “feel” for the energy, first in yourself, then applying the energy outside of you with others. For more information about the Infinichi energy healing program please email 

Policies and Procedures
The program is divided into four classes and up to three levels with one residential intensive per level. Students will be required to successfully pass an exam for each level. This course draws upon the use of a variety of tools to facilitate learning.

Residential Intensives
Intensives will last two or three days, and students are given complete lesson programs to follow between intensives. The exact locations and dates are announced accordingly.

The Ni family books along with standard texts for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chi Gong will serve as the core texts for the program. Students will be expected to complete all assignments and practice sessions (1-2 hours). Completion of the program will take approximately 1-3 years. Graduates of the program will be recognized to implement the Ni family chi healing system as a professional Certified InfiniChi Therapist (C.I.T)

Sponsorship of residential intensives are welcome. Details available upon request.

The program is taught in Three Levels:
Level One includes Taoist Yin and Yang cultivations, five internal organ exercises, six healing sounds, the five clouds mediation, pulling chi from nature, and an introduction to chi emission.
Level Two (A & B) These two intensives focus on chi emission, energy sensitivity exercises as well as effective techniques for leading and guiding the chi. Students begin to practice on each other to further their Chi sensitivity.
Level Three focuses on practical application, including dispersing turbid chi, common energetic dysfunctions, energetic invocations, character writing, hand assessment, distance healing, color healing and the invisible needle. Inquire about the program by email

Ed Sullivan, M.A. - Certified InfiniChi Qigong Practitioner & Teacher
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