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Welcome to Qi and Light!  My name is Edward Sullivan, the Dean of Infinichi Energy Healing at the College of Tao in Los Angeles, California.  This energy work is sometimes called, “Acupuncture without Needles.”  I have also taught Qigong classes for over 20 years at Yo San University of Acupuncture and practiced Infinichi at WeSpark Cancer Support Center for over 17 years.  Qigong is basically putting good Qi (Energy) in the body and squeezing out the negative toxins.  I have been taught some of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s “Ancient Wisdom” that is currently being re-discovered as a “Modern Medicine.”  I would like to pass on these ancient healing QiGong modalities to every one of you for either, your personal use, or for a your professional Infinichi Energy Healing career.  We are all living in this circus we call life!  With a smile in our hearts, let’s balance our mind, body, and spirit, and make our lives a circus we call Love.  When we do that, we…

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Hope is Medicine

CD by Ed Sullivan

Meditations followed by short explanation.

34 minutes

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