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InfiniChi Qigong

What is InfiniChi? It is sometimes called, “Medical Qigong”or “Acupuncture without Needles.”

InfiniChi Institute International was inspired by the teachings of Integral Way of Taoist lineage Master Ni Hua Ching. The institute offers professional level training in Chi healing (Qigong), leading to certification as a Certified InfiniChi Practitioner (C.I.P.)

This program is designed to develop your energetic healing abilities as a professional Chi Practitioner. Ed is the Dean of the Infinichi Energy Healing Institute. This program is overseen by Arnold Tayam and Dr. Maoshing Ni.

InfiniChi Program

The InfiniChi Program is designed to develop your energetic healing abilities as a professional Chi Practitioner, utilizing the Ni family books, along with standard texts for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Chinese Bodywork. It features a progressive systematic program that nurtures understanding, facilitates skill development, and promotes self-growth.

Long ago, Chinese esoteric Taoists went to the high mountains to contemplate nature, strengthen their bodies, empower their minds and develop their spirit. From their studies and cultivation, they gave China internal alchemy and chemistry, herbology and acupuncture, the I-Ching (Book of Changes), feng shui, astrology, martial arts and Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and many other useful kinds of knowledge. Most important, they handed down in secrecy methods for attaining longevity and spiritual immortality.


Ed Sullivan, M.A. - Certified InfiniChi Qigong Practitioner & Teacher
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