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Classes and seminars can be fashioned for your particular group’s needs. For example, the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and FamilyTherapists Association requested a new year’s renewal seminar using qigong as a focal point. Edward researched this group and their therapists’ needs and developed strategies and techniques for assisting them, allowing them to find balance and harmony in their professional lives.

Any individuals and groups interested in booking any of the Classes or Seminars below OR interested in creating one to suit your specific needs, please contact us!

During the 12 years plus at weSPARK Cancer Support Center, where Edward has practiced Infinichi Qigong or “Acupuncture Without Needles”, Edward come to realize that the essential lesson of most value to the Western mind is the daily balancing of yin and yang. Our Western culture thinks that we can inhale everything during our lives and never take the time or opportunity to exhale anything! This class teaches the balance of yin and yang, of inhaling and exhaling. The different variations of this simple concept is discussed including diet, exercise, relationships, work, and play. It almost sounds too simple, yet it’s essential to a healthy long life. Classes starting soon in Chatsworth.

Often before encountering a new experience, we wash our hands or our body. Just as important, we need to cleanse and protect our spiritual energy. For example, it is important to wash your hands before entering and exiting a hospital, but it’s equally important to protect our energetic body before entering and exiting as well. It’s just as important to cleanse our body and our body’s energies when exiting the hospital. A question we might ask ourselves is – do we really want to bring home all the stresses and potential negativity from our work place, exposing our family members to those energies? It’s very important that we wash those energies before entering our homes and greeting our loved ones. This class will demonstrate how to protect yourself from the invisible negative dust that too often goes unattended . This class isn’t meant to scare anyone, but rather, give us the tools to raise our positive energy making us immune to any negativity. Classes starting soon in Chatsworth. This class is also important for all health care workers, teachers, nurses, and therapists, to name a few.

Learn two main strategies for developing intuition. The first involves our spiritual being and the second includes exercises that will increase accuracy as you develop intuition. Techniques include altered states, honing your perception, opening doorways to perception and allowing yourself to trust your inner voice. This is a 3 session course of two hours each.

Explains the benefits of quieting the mind, body, and spirit. Quieting the mind is like dropping from the surface storm of an ocean into the peaceful calm of the deep. One learns to be a part of the ocean but not tossed about like a victim of the emotional waves of the surface of our lives. The class involves posture, breath, and intention. Three meditations are taught – stress release qigong, 5 cloud meditation, and silent quiet sitting.

Learn how to read and interpret the I Ching, an ancient Taoist Chinese divination practice with multiple muses. The ancients believed that we could access our higher self and get answers for the big decisions in our lives. This type of practice has been occurring for centuries within all ancient cultures. Man has always sought guidance for the major decisions in life; the ancient Chinese found that the I Ching was a doorway that could guide one through personal, business, and health decisions. We need a system that can cut through the energetic chaos of modern life. The ancient Taoists created the I Ching or the book of change for humanity’s benefit. Classes starting soon in Chatsworth.

This seminar presents helpful strategies for those recovering from serious surgery or serious illness, (i.e. cancer). The processes for dealing with recovery include basic strategies aimed at the mind, the physical body, the emotions, and the spirit. (This 2 hour class runs from 4 weeks)

This innovative series of ten classes takes us back to Mother Nature, our true first great teacher and how to reconnect with her and her wisdom. Each Part reveals how understanding the wisdom of nature all around us can impart good health and wellbeing. Edward offers simple qigong exercises to strengthen your connection and communication with nature.

Class 1 – Introduction to Nature
Class 2 – Reconnecting with Wood
Class 3 – Reconnecting with the Earth
Class 4 – Reconnecting with Water
Class 5 – Reconnecting with Fire
Class 6 – Reconnecting with Metal
Class 7 – Reconnecting with Water
Class 8 – Reconnecting with the Universe
Class 9 – Reconnecting with Our Inner Universe
Class 10 – Nature’s Summary

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